14 February, 2017

"Humans Need Not Apply"

Book Review
"Humans Need Not Apply --- A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"
Jerry Kaplan,  Yale University Press

The book explores the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics -- as we understand them.  The author prefers to use the terms "Synthetic Intellect" and "Forged Laborers".
There are interesting references to real world applications and potential uses (some speculative, some intriguing, some amusing) as well.

The author takes time to explore the increasing income and wealth inequalities as automation improves return on capital to the disadvantage of labour.  Some time is spent on ethical questions and moral dilemmas.  One chapter goes into the darker side of synthetic intellects being able to use humans (becoming our overlords ?) but the book ends on an optimistic note about the future of AI.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in AI and Robotics.


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