10 February, 2015

The AAP Victory and what the BJP did wrong

The magnitude of the AAP victory is a surprise.

Nevertheless, there were signs that the BJP was going about the election doing things wrong.

1.  The Prime Minister, members of the Union Cabinet and Members of Parliament from constituencies far away from Delhi campaigning for Legislative Assembly  candidates was a signal, even if unintended, that the BJP had *NO* confidence in itself.

2. Sidelining the state leadership for some time, changing the strategy about naming, i.e. not naming, the Chief Minister candidate and then parachuting someone who has NO background in the party (and had actually called the party names earlier) wouldn't have instilled confidence in the party workers either.

3.  Abusing the Chief Minister candidate wasn't graceful.  And a Prime Minister calling a Chief Minister candidate a Naxalite !  How disgraceful can you be ?!

4.  The Union Finance Minister (who is supposed to be working on the Union Budget) taking time to comment on the AAP, using words like "anarchy" and "nightmare" were another sign of desperation, not confidence.  He has lost some of my respect for him.

08 February, 2015


The movie "Still Alice" is on the topic of early-onset Alzheimers.

It is an exploration of the questions the patient and his/her family faces.

Do watch the movie if you are in your 50s or have an aged parent.


29 October, 2014

Update on BOINC Work Credits

So far, the total "Work done" by my BOINC account on various projects is :

Einstein@Home          : 361,987
Milkyway@Home          : 145,099
SETI@home              : 100,984
climateprediction.net  :  66,582
malariacontrol.net     :  33,495
Spinhenge@home         :  13,514


16 March, 2014

11 December, 2013

The Congress strategy after the "Semi-Finals" ?

What will the Indian National Congress be doing now ?  Will Rahul Gandhi be allowed to continue with his long-term plan of changing the party ?  Or will he be cut short ?  Will the coterie of power-brokers "put him in his place" ?

There was an amusing article in todays ToI / ET :  That Nandan Nilekani may be put forward as the Congress's PM candidate.  That gave my a laugh.  What a crazy idea !

How will the Congress counter the "Modi-wave" that they deny ?

Time will tell ..............


18 September, 2013

Amazon Service

I got great service from Amazon.  Here's the transcript of the online chat with Amazon Customer Support :

Initial Question: For my order (#108-3021598-2760208), I am being charged $24.95 for Shipping.
My understanding is that for Orders to Singapore where the amount exceeds $125 (this order amounts to $130.92), shipping is free. Yet, I am being charted for shipping.
Can you confirm why ?
05:15 AM(GMT) Raj Shekhar(CSA): Hello, my name is Raj. I'll be happy to help you today.
05:16 AM(GMT) Raj Shekhar(CSA): Hemant, I have changed the shipping speed to free shipping and now your order total is $130.92, you can see this update at this order under your account now.
05:17 AM(GMT) Hemant K Chitale: Thank you.
I appreciate this.
05:18 AM(GMT) Raj Shekhar(CSA):
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
05:19 AM(GMT) Hemant K Chitale: That's all. Thank you !
05:19 AM(GMT) Raj Shekhar(CSA): You're welcome Hemant .
05:19 AM(GMT) Hemant K Chitale: Bye
05:19 AM(GMT) Raj Shekhar(CSA):
Thanks for visiting Amazon.com. We hope to see you again soon!
Bye. Take care.

19 May, 2013

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