21 September, 2007

Videshi Dosa

Here in Singapore, Indian (North or South) food isn't very far away or expensive. B S Prakash's notes on The Dosa in San Francisco and how it received a very short-sighted review still does remind me of how we are away from India. In Mumbai, I used to eat at Udupis frequently.

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06 September, 2007

An Asteroid Shower Lasting 100 Million Years

Some scientists believe that a collision between two asteroids, one 37 miles wide and the other 106 miles wide, some 160 million years caused so many fragments that the Earth (and the Moon) suffered "double" the overall rate of asteroid impacts for the next 100 million years ! One of those pieces caused the Chicxulub Crater, associated with the demise of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.