19 May, 2013

Useful Videos

19-May-13  You can change the world  (Nancy Duarte)

19-May-13  What makes us feel good about our work   (Dan Ariely)

19-May-13  Do schools kill creativity ?   (Sir Ken Robinson)

03-Jun-13  The Puzzle of Motivation   (Dan Pink)

03-Jun-13  Are we in control of our decisions ?  (Dan Ariely)

10-Jun-13  The Paradox of Choice  (Barry Schwartz)

29-Jun-13  Unweaving the Rainbow  (Richard Dawkins)

28-Jul-13   Global Corruption  (Charmian Gooch)

28-Jul-13  How to spot a liar  (Pamela Mayer)

07-Jan-14 A better democracy will need a better press  (Lord David Puttnam)

05-Jul-14  Language  (Stephen Fry)

02-Nov014  Why Privacy Matters  (Glenn Greenwald)