10 February, 2015

The AAP Victory and what the BJP did wrong

The magnitude of the AAP victory is a surprise.

Nevertheless, there were signs that the BJP was going about the election doing things wrong.

1.  The Prime Minister, members of the Union Cabinet and Members of Parliament from constituencies far away from Delhi campaigning for Legislative Assembly  candidates was a signal, even if unintended, that the BJP had *NO* confidence in itself.

2. Sidelining the state leadership for some time, changing the strategy about naming, i.e. not naming, the Chief Minister candidate and then parachuting someone who has NO background in the party (and had actually called the party names earlier) wouldn't have instilled confidence in the party workers either.

3.  Abusing the Chief Minister candidate wasn't graceful.  And a Prime Minister calling a Chief Minister candidate a Naxalite !  How disgraceful can you be ?!

4.  The Union Finance Minister (who is supposed to be working on the Union Budget) taking time to comment on the AAP, using words like "anarchy" and "nightmare" were another sign of desperation, not confidence.  He has lost some of my respect for him.

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