23 February, 2013


I have been running BOINC projects for a number of years on my personal desktops.

BOINC is the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.

BOINC is a way of allowing CPU cycles (and some memory and I/O) on laptops, desktops and servers to be used as shared resources for compute intensive tasks that are in the public domain and are executed as distributed applications.

BOINC users get credits ("Work done") for units of work for various projects.

My current credits (23-Feb-13) are :

  • Einstein@Home  :       119,886
  • SETI@Home      :        72,030
  • Milkyway@Home  :        70,586
  • climateprediction.net : 48,333
  • malariacontrol.net :    24,766
  • Spinhenge@home :        13,514


Anonymous said...

Just curious, after you provide the resources to BOINC, do you also get a provision to use them for like hosting your db or do oracle stuff ?

Hemant K Chitale said...

I run BOINC only where/when I am NOT running any server program -- like Oracle.