22 August, 2011

Funny Spam Mail

Two pieces of funny spam mail :

1. An email supposedly from someone who is "Former funds Manager with fidelity investment international Zurich" claiming that he has been managing $18million in funds for someone who has the same last name as I have (how amusing !). He has never "set my eyes on him"
. Hmm... Managing $18million without ever having seen the client ? To withdraw the funds if I claim to be a relative of the client, "Our sharing ration will be 55:40%, while 5% will be for expenses we may incur during the process of the transaction". Who gets the 55% ? The "Fidelity Fund Manager" or me ?
And what's the funniest part ? He has asked me to reply to his email address that is
@yahoo.com.cn A Yahoo China domain for a Fidelity Fund Manager in Zurich ? Has he already fled Switzerland ? If so, how's he going to access those $18million for me ?

2. The second funny email announces the results of the UK LOTTERY ORGANIZATION'S FREE TICKET
ONLINE DRAWS of August, 2011 held in THAILAND. Huh ? UK Lottery draw in Thailand ?

Are these absolutely unintelligent scamsters ?

1 comment:

Nitin said...

Considering the lottery winner spams we receive daily,I can think of suing Forbes magazine for false list of richest people ;)